TELEXo+ Upgrade
TELEXo+ Upgrade
TELEXo+ Upgrade
TELEXo+ Upgrade

TELEXo+ Upgrade

Regular price $45.00

This is a prerelease product; price and specifications are subject to change. Click on the "express interest" button above to express interest in this product and to be notified when it is made available in the store.

This upgrade allows you to attach a Teensy 3.6 to your TELEXo to turn it into what we are calling a TXo+. The TXo IS NOT INCLUDED in this upgrade; you will need to own, build, or buy one. The upgrade does include a Teensy 3.6 that is ready to connect to your TXo. 

Benefits of the upgrade include:

  • Improved Sampling Rate - increased to 25kHz from the TXo's 15.625kHz
  • Improved Quality when Combining Features with Oscillation - the stock TXo disables interpolation if more than one advanced feature is used at a time for a CV output (envelopes, wave morphing, pitch slew, etc). The TXo+ always uses interpolation which increases the accuracy and lowers distortion.
  • More Morphing Wavetables - the TXo+ has 327 different waveforms on board (up from the TXo's 45).
  • Future Advanced Features Only Supported by the TXo+

The upgrade consists of a Teensy 3.6 with the following:

  • Precision Headers for Mounting on the TXo
  • The Essential "Teensy Europower Helper" Daughterboard Mounted Underneath
  • Flashed and Tested with the Latest TXo+ Firmware

We also include four optional SMD capacitors for your TXo to raise the on-board single pole filter's cutoff point. Feel free to install these yourself, bribe a friend to do it for you, coordinate with us to do the swap, or just ignore them. 

TXo+ Module Specifications

  • +12V: 78 mA 
  • -12V: 5 mA
  • +5V: 0 mA
  • 2HP
  • 38mm Depth

Visit the TXo on Modular Grid

The TXo is an Open Source module. Build one yourself; all details are on the TELEX GitHub Project Site.

The Teensy Europower Helper is also an Open Source component; details are on its GitHub Project Site.